The Financial District Rises Again!

New York Post | March 12, 2015

"$30 billion in public and private investment over the last decade has primed ‘Lower Manhattan’ for an influx of residential developments, The Beekman being the most impressive of them."

Lower Manhattan is rapidly emerging as New York’s hottest neighborhood thanks to the Manhattan condos at The Beekman, which will also soon house gourmet restaurants by Tom Colicchio and Keith McNally.

We Love NYC

Vogue | February 2015

"In the reinvigorated neighborhood, Keith McNally and Tom Colicchio are soon to debut at The Beekman."

Keith McNally and Tom Colicchio are making their mark on Lower Manhattan’s food scene with new restaurants under the same roof as the downtown condos at the 1883 landmark, The Beekman.

Sky of Stars

Casa Vogue | May 2015

"Contributing to the revitalization of Lower Manhattan"

Architect Randolph Gerner is conjoining a newly constructed luxury Manhattan residential tower to the Temple Court Building and reintroducing the landmark as The Beekman, an upscale hotel-condo property.

Rise of the New Downtown

Departures Magazine | April 2015

"The best-known historic landmark in downtown Manhattan"

The Beekman is a revival of the historic location and a fitting addition to the redeveloping Lower Manhattan neighborhood.

Hot Property: New York Story

The Wall Street Journal Magazine | 9/13/2014

"A one-stop outpost of hipness in Lower Manhattan"

The Beekman is offering the Financial District a much-needed array of luxury condos and hotel rooms.

History: 5 Beekman Street

New York Magazine | 9/8/2014

"The building’s trajectory parallels the story of downtown New York’s history…"

From its earliest days as an office building in the 1880s to its reincarnation as a luxury condo, residents and guests will be able to appreciate The Beekman’s grand revival when renovations are complete in 2015.

Grand industrial buildings salvaged and transformed back into landmarks

Financial Times | October 6, 2014

"Five Beekman was once one of New York’s most remarkable early office buildings – it’s twin turrets towered above downtown and its huge glazed atrium was one of the wonders of the city."

Originally built as an office building in the 1880s featuring a massive and breathtaking nine-story atrium, the famed structure at 5 Beekman Street is currently being transformed into a hotel and to be conjoined with an exquisite condominium tower aptly named The Beekman Residences.

Off the Menu - Headliner - The Beekman Hotel

The New York Times | 9/10/2014

 The Beekman is getting a modern makeover, complete with in-house celebrity chefs, Balthazar's Keith McNally and celebrity chef Tom Colicchio.

Temple Court Gets a Luxe Revival

The Wall Street Journal | 9/15/2014

"Many buildings can be translated to Abu Dhabi or Paris, this one cannot."

The Beekman is being transformed into some of the most highly anticipated luxury condos in Manhattan. With an attached hotel, the refurbishment is protecting much of the building's original architectural detail, turning turrets into hotel rooms, and making use of the structure's dramatic glass atrium.

Lower NYC: The Conde Nast Effect

The Hollyword Reporter | 9/25/2014

"[The Beekman] has changed the way people think of the Financial District."

Growing numbers of young professionals are now calling the financial district home, and Paul Smith, Burberry and possibly a Saks Fifth Avenue are putting down roots here as well. The Beekman's two new restaurants are also predicted to be magnets for the smart set.

An Early Skyscraper Becomes a Hotel With a View

The New York Times | 4/29/2014

"Like the Ace before it, The Beekman aims to create a community, where neighbors can gather as well as visitors"

One of Manhattan’s earliest skyscrapers, The Beekman is being given new life as mixed-use development comprising luxury condos and a hotel, adding elegant character to the Financial District when it is completed in 2015.

Downtown Manhattan looks to attract the super-rich

The National | October 2, 2014

"One of the highly anticipated developments leading the dramatic change in Lower Manhattan"

Real estate in Downtown Manhattan is very much on the rise, and The Beekman may well be its star attraction. The famed NYC landmark will keep much of the original building’s classic design, while featuring the most luxurious of modern amenities.

10 swoon-worthy condos on the fall real estate market

New York Post | September 17th 2014

"[The Beekman] lands in a class of its own"

The Beekman, a condo and hotel hybrid featuring a stunning nine-story atrium, two high-end restaurants and exclusive in-room dining for residents, has undoubtedly redefined luxury real estate in Manhattan.

Manhattan Metamorphosis

Private Air Luxury Homes | Fall 2014

"Tom Colicchio will serve guests and residents everything from catered events to room service."

 With a total renovation underway, The Beekman is about to become one of Lower Manhattan's most recognizable historic structures. Its new condos promise spectacular views, luxury touches, and a two fabulous restaurants from which to choose.

Inside The Beekman Residences: PHOTOS,

The Real Deal | November 17, 2014

"It’s unheard of – a big milestone for a 51-story building like this"

One month after launching sales, a quarter of The Beekman Residences’ 68 condos are under contract

In with the old

Manhattan Magazine | November 2014

The Manhattan real estate market is hot. The Beekman represents a current trend of converting historic, landmark properties into modern living spaces.

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